Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair

We serve New York & North of New Jersey

LP Tech Auto Glass is the most popular and economical automotive glass repairing company based in Westchester County New York, United Stated. We repair and fix both in the passenger car and commercial vehicle segment.

Whether you are looking for windshield chip repair, windshield crack repair or windshield replacement, LP Tech Auto Glass is your one stop shop for all solutions. Proving fast and easy replacement and windscreen repairs, we are the only establishment of its kind in the Bergen County, North Jersey & Westchester County, New York New York state. By combining mobile services, minimal time investment, and low overall costs, LP Tech Auto Glass offers world economical and quality services to all its customers.

Up until a few years ago, windshield glass repair was a term that was alien to most automobile professionals. A crack or chip on the windshield meant you would have to get it replaced, often at considerable cost. Today, modern technology makes windshield repair possible, saving you not just money, but also time and a lot of hassle.

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That said, even the most advanced technology is not without its limitations. Windscreen repair is possible only under specific circumstances. In case the windshield is severely damaged, most experts would recommend having it replaced than risking only car windshield repair work. We’ve simplified auto glass repair and replacement so much you have no excuse for ignoring the broken car glass on your vehicle.


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